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At this time, it is important for you to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you. Whether you hire me or another experienced criminal defense lawyer.

My name is Tom Csider. I am a full-time criminal defense attorney. I specialize in one very important area of practice, defending my clients against criminal indictments in the State of Georgia.

Tom Csider is a Former Assistant District Attorney, Former Chief Assistant Solicitor General, Instructor, Prosecuting Attorney's Council and Appointed Defense Counsel for Hall County DUI Court Program. He knows what the prosecutor will be looking for and how they will approach your case because for many years Tom was a prosecutor himself.

You can be assured that once we are able to talk about your case, you will understand and feel much better about what is going to happen. Being charged with a crime is a very difficult and very stressful experience. Tom will be on your side to shoulder that burden for you.

Together we can minimize negative impact on your life and future.

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